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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

What salary are you seeking? This is a difficult question as you may not be aware of the salary range when interviewing for a position. I would suggest a good start to answering this question is to advise the salary range you are currently in. For example: I am currently in the mid $60’s range however dependent upon the overall package, I am hoping in my next position to start in the low – mid $70’s range. Keep in mind a couple of things; if you are unemployed you have less “bargaining chips” therefore whenever possible, try to stay in your current job while seeking a new one. Also keep in mind that you may not always get a raise just for changing jobs. This particularly applies to anyone still “growing” their career. A job at the same salary with more opportunities for growth may be the better job than one that offers more money but less potential. You may also make a lateral move to attain a job closer to home; thereby saving thousands on commuting costs. In closing, I think the message you are trying to get across is that you are flexible within a salary range and are more interested in the opportunity that the company offers.

Why do you want this job? This is the opportunity to show the company the research you have done. Good answers relate to: your interest in their product or service, how you feel you can contribute, interest in the position due to the new challenge that it presents, you like their corporate culture. You want to avoid answers such as: anything relating to money or benefits, anything remotely “desperate” e.g. I just have to get a job…any job.., I just applied as I apply to all jobs in my area. You want to show the company that it is their company specifically that you want to work for.

Give an example of accomplishments and how you handled yourself in a difficult work situation. As in the previous article relating to strengths/weaknesses; we all seem to know our strengths but may be tuned out when it comes to our weaknesses. When discussing a particular accomplishment; try to use the word “we” rather than just “I”. e.g. I am proud that I was part of the implementation team in the company’s software conversion. Even though it was difficult and we were working long hours, we were able to make the transition as easy as possible for the company. I particularly enjoyed the one on one interaction with my co workers while training them.


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